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Branagh, Kenneth

Belfast [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / regia: Kenneth Branagh

Gran Bretagna, 2021

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Résumé: Le vite di una famiglia operaia e del loro giovane figlio, cresciuto durante il tumulto degli anni '60 nella capitale dell'Irlanda del Nord.

Italian lady  [DOCUMENTO SONORO]
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Cinquetti, Gigliola

Italian lady [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / Gigliola Cinquetti

East West, 2021

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Silo [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : Sage of the Andes / a film by Daniel Zuckerbrot

Fundación Pangea, 2008

Résumé: In May of 1969 a young man descended from the simple stone hut he had built high on a windswept ledge in the mountains. He came with a message. But Argentina would soon plunge into a “dirty war” of disappearance and torture. In that distant corner of the Earth an unholy alliance of church and military dictatorship did their best to silence this young man. They failed. He spoke to a few hundred souls who had braved the cold of these forbidding heights and the armed soldiers intent on keeping order. His enemies mockingly denounced him as a guru, or a false messiah. He called himself a thinker or a writer. And he wrote everything from philosophical essays to novels. And today high in the Andes you’ll hear his message.