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× Date 2019
× Langues eng
× Materiel 1
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× Sujet Genere: Poliziesco
× Noms Gray, F. Gary
× Noms Scalvini, Alessandra

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Yayoi Kusama
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Gilberti, Fausto

Yayoi Kusama / testo e disegni di Fausto Gilberti

Mantova : Corraini, 2019

Résumé: Dal Giappone all'America e ritorno: nel suo nuovo libro Fausto Gilberti dà la parola a Yayoi Kusama, che ci racconta la sua storia in prima persona. Nata a Matsumoto, Yayoi fin da piccola ama disegnare (anche quello che gli altri non vedono) e vola a New York per diventare un'artista. La sua arte stupisce il pubblico con idee sempre nuove: Yayoi riempie grandi tele di reticoli di puntini, usa i suoi happenings per lanciare messaggi importanti, disegna vestiti da indossare in due... Creare le sue opere la fa sentire bene, qualsiasi sia la loro forma: dalle famosissime zucche alle stanze piene di luci e specchi che riflettono tutto all'infinito.

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Livres modernes

Gavalda, Anna

Billie / Anna Gavalda ; translated from the French by Jennifer Rappaport

New York : Europa, 2019

Résumé: This heartwarming story is about two unlikely friends who give each other the courage to do what they never thought possible. Through their trials and tribulations, they realize that they can always rely on each other to be there. Our story opens with Billie and Franck trapped in a gorge in the Cévennes Mountains. As Franck lies unconscious, Billie appeals to a star for protection by telling stories from their lives. Billie vividly recollects how her friendship with Franck changed her life and struggles with the idea that–thanks to her mistake–she might lose him forever. They met a decade prior when they were assigned as acting partners in class. For the first time, Billie felt someone respected her and Franck didn’t feel so alone. The blossoming of their friendship was comforting for both pitted against the harsh realities they faced. Billie is tough because she has to be: her mother left her when she was just an infant and she lives in poverty with her abusive father and stepmother. Franck is more reserved, afraid to reveal who he really is to his unemployed homophobic father for fear of being rejected. Together Billie and Franck rescue each other. These two outcasts find a home together in Anna Gavalda’s moving portrayal of platonic love and how far two people are willing to go for each other. Quirky, but gritty, this charming and emotional ode is for anyone who has felt the transformative power of friendship.

La valigia
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Livres modernes

Ruta, Angelo

La valigia / Angelo Ruta

Milano : Carthusia, copyr. 2019

Résumé: L'opera, finalista del "Silent Book Contest 2018", è la storia di un sogno. Un sogno custodito dentro una grande valigia, che un bambino trascina faticosamente lontano da un mondo desolante, distrutto da violenza e guerre. Fuori dalla valigia solo macerie e dolore. Dentro il sogno di una vita e una famiglia felici, a cui il bambino si tiene saldamente attaccato.