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480 color combinations
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Zoll, Alina

480 color combinations / by Alina Zoll

[S.l. : s.n.], copyr. 2019

Colloquio in inglese: manuale pratico per la preparazione ai concorsi
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Galimberti, Attilio

Colloquio in inglese: manuale pratico per la preparazione ai concorsi / Attilio Galimberti

Milano : Pearson, copyr. 2019

Pearson academy. Insegnare nel XXI secolo

Résumé: In tutte le classi di concorso per docenti e per dirigenti scolastici la prova orale accerta il raggiungimento del livello linguistico B2 del Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento (QCER) per le lingue straniere. Questo manuale fornisce gli elementi di base, le strategie, i consigli e i contenuti linguistici necessari per prepararsi adeguatamente al colloquio. Con numerosi brani esemplari, simulazioni ed esercizi per acquisire il lessico specifico, e tracce audio che forniscono modelli di speaking fondamentali per l'apprendimento della lingua. Il libro propone inoltre alcuni testi scritti, con relativi quesiti in inglese, per aiutare i candidati anche nelle prove scritte dei concorsi.

The measure of a man
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Malvaldi, Marco

The measure of a man / Marco Malvaldi ; translated from the italian by Howard Curtis and Katherine Gregor

New York : Europa editions, copyr. 2019

Résumé: October 1493. Florence is still mourning the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Columbus’ ships have only recently reached the New World. The modern financial system has just come into being thanks to the adoption of the letter of credit. Meanwhile, Milan is experiencing a renaissance under the leadership of Ludovico il Moro. In those years, people wandering the environs of Milan’s Castle or along the Navigli canals often encounter a strange man in his forties, dressed in long pink robes, his expression calm, like someone lost in his own thoughts. The man lives above his workshop with his mother and a mischievous little boy whom he dotes on; he doesn’t eat meat, writes from right to left, and struggles to get paid by his employers. His name is Leonardo da Vinci. His fame extends beyond the Alps, to the French court of Charles VIII, whose envoys have been tasked with a secret mission that concerns Leonardo himself. It is rumored that the Italian inventor keeps his most daring designs—including perhaps the project for an invincible mechanical knight—in a notebook hidden under his robes, close to the heart. When a man is found dead in the Castle’s courtyard, il Moro turns to Da Vinci for help. Five hundred years after Leonardo’s death, Marco Malvaldi combines literature, science, history, and mystery to bring back to life one of the greatest figures of the Renaissance.

Side by side
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Raschka, Chris

Side by side : a celebration of dads / Chris Raschka

London : Phaidon, 2019

Résumé: A heartfelt and playful ode to the father-child relationship, by two-time Caldecott-medal-winning author Chris Raschka King and Jester, Boat and Captain, Mountain and Climber... fathers and children are all of these things and more in Chris Raschka's tribute to this familial pair. Each stanza presents three scenarios in which the father and child's roles are subtly balanced. The pairs vary between stanzas, coming together in a visit to an ice-cream truck. With minimal text and maximum emotion, the book encapsulates Raschka's own passion and nostalgia for being a father to his [now-grown] son.

Incidental inventions
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Livres modernes

Ferrante, Elena

Incidental inventions / Elena Ferrante ; translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein ; illustrations by Andrea Ucini

New York : Europa editions, 2019

Résumé: With these words, Elena Ferrante, the bestselling author of My Brilliant Friend, bid farewell to her year-long collaboration with the Guardian. For a full year she penned short pieces, the subjects of which had been suggested by Guardian editors, making the writing process a sort of prolonged interlocution. The subjects ranged from first love to climate change, from enmity among women to the adaptation of her novels to film and TV. As she said in her final column: “I have written as an author of novels, taking on matters that are important to me and that—if I have the will and the time—I’d like to develop within real narrative mechanisms.”

Parole appuntite, parole piumate
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Sarfatti, Anna - Costa, Nicoletta

Parole appuntite, parole piumate : 5 filastrocche ispirate ai principi del Manifesto della comunicazione non ostile / scritte da Anna Sarfatti ; illustrate da Nicoletta Costa

Modena : Panini, [stampa 2019]

Résumé: 5 filastrocche per spiegare ai più piccini l'importanza delle parole e di come usarle sul web. I testi sono ispirati ai principi del "Manifesto della comunicazione non ostile". Il libro, che ha come testimonial Giulio Coniglio, diventa uno strumento utile per veicolare un uso corretto delle parole sul web che i genitori e gli educatori possono spiegare anche ai bambini. I testi sono immediati e arrivano direttamente ai piccoli che riconoscono in Giulio Coniglio un personaggio positivo portatore di valori semplici ma fondamentali come l'amicizia e il rispetto. Età di lettura: da 3 anni.

The finger and the nose
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Merlán, Paula - Gómez

The finger and the nose / Paula Merlán ; illustrated by Gómez

[Madrid] : Nube Ocho, 2019


Résumé: Età di lettura: da 4 anni.

Now we shall be entirely free
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Livres modernes

Miller, Andrew

Now we shall be entirely free / Andrew Miller

New York : Europa editions, 2019

Résumé: When Captain John Lacroix returns home from Spain, wounded, unconscious, and alone, he believes that he has seen the worst of what men may do. It is 1809, and in England’s wars against Napoleon, the Battle of Corruna stands out as a humiliation: a once-proud army forced to retreat, civilized men reduced to senseless acts of cruelty. Slowly regaining his health, Lacroix journeys north to the misty isles of Scotland with the intent of forgetting the horrors of the war. Unbeknownst to him, however, something else has followed him back from the war―something far more dangerous than a memory…

Hello and goodbye
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Livres modernes

Trevisan, Irena - Damanti, Denise

Hello and goodbye / Irena Trevisan, Denise Damanti

Schio : Sassi, copyr. 2019

Résumé: Goodbye, so long, farewell. Hello, welcome back, good to see you. The gestures that pass between people saying hello and goodbye form a universal language. Turn the pages of this book filled with poetry and discover how even a small gesture can bring joy to those who receive it. Età di lettura: da 5 anni.