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The great Gatsby
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Fitzgerald, Francis Scott

The great Gatsby / F. Scott Fitzgerald ; adaptation and activities by Richard Larkham ; illustrated by Rodolfo Brocchini

Recanati : ELI, 2011

Young adult ELI readers. Stage 5

Résumé: Gatsby?” asked Daisy urgently. “What Gatsby?” Could it be the same young army lieutenant whom Daisy Fay met five years ago – and who owns a sumptuous house on Long Island, where New York society enjoys the best parties on offer? Is it just coincidence that Gatsby lives across the bay from Daisy – now married to wealthy polo-player Tom Buchanan? As one man’s mysterious dream moves towards its ultimately tragic conclusion, Midwesterner Nick Carraway is drawn into the dark world of Gatsby’s past and present – a world of hidden frustrations and superficial relationships which perfectly illustrates the “careless and confused” nature of America’s Jazz Age.