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Universo Olivetti
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Livres modernes

Trevisani, Matilde

Universo Olivetti : comunità come utopia concreta = Community as a concrete utopia / a cura di Pippo Ciorra, Francesca Limana, Matilde Trevisani

Roma : Edizioni di Comunità, copyr. 2020

Résumé: Universo Olivetti. Comunità come utopia concreta è il catalogo della mostra promossa dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale in collaborazione con la Fondazione MAXXI – MAXXI Architettura e la Fondazione Adriano Olivetti. Articolata in quattro sezioni (Città e Politica, Fabbrica, Cultura e Immagine, Società), la mostra “Universo Olivetti. Comunità come utopia concreta” racconta il progetto olivettiano in tutti suoi aspetti, dimensioni e complessità.

Rob Roy
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Livres modernes

Scott, Walter

Rob Roy / Walter Scott

Milano : StreetLib, stampa 2020

Résumé: No introduction can be more appropriate to the work than some account of the singular character whose name is given to the title-page, and who, through good report and bad report, has maintained a wonderful degree of importance in popular recollection. This cannot be ascribed to the distinction of his birth, which, though that of a gentleman, had in it nothing of high destination, and gave him little right to command in his clan. Neither, though he lived a busy, restless, and enterprising life, were his feats equal to those of other freebooters, who have been less distinguished. He owed his fame in a great measure to his residing on the very verge of the Highlands, and playing such pranks in the beginning of the 18th century, as are usually ascribed to Robin Hood in the middle ages,-and that within forty miles of Glasgow, a great commercial city, the seat of a learned university. Thus a character like his, blending the wild virtues, the subtle policy, and unrestrained license of an American Indian, was flourishing in Scotland during the Augustan age of Queen Anne and George I. Addison, it is probable, or Pope, would have been considerably surprised if they had known that there existed in the same island with them a personage of Rob Roy's peculiar habits and profession.

Resistenza spirituale, 1940-1945
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Livres modernes

Novitch, Miriam

Resistenza spirituale, 1940-1945 : 120 disegni dai campi di concentramento e dai ghetti = Spiritual resistance : 120 drawings from concentrations camps and ghettos/ Miriam Novitch

Milano : Comune di Milano, copyr. 1979