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Untold night and day
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Livres modernes

Pae, Su-a

Untold night and day / Bae Suah ; translated from the Korean by Deborah Smith

London : Cape, 2020

Résumé: For two years, twenty-eight-year-old Kim Ayami has worked at Seoul's only audio theatre for the blind. But now the theatre is shutting down and Ayami’s future is uncertain. Her last shift completed and the theatre closed for good, Ayami walks the streets of the city with her former boss late into the night. Together they search for a mutual friend who has disappeared. The following day, at the request of that same friend, Ayami acts as a guide for a detective novelist visiting from abroad. But in the inescapable, all-consuming heat of Seoul at the height of the summer, order gives way to chaos, the edges of reality start to fray, and the past intrudes on the present in increasingly disruptive ways. Blisteringly original, Untold Night and Day is a high-wire feat of storytelling that explores the possibility of worlds beyond the one we see and feel – and shows why Bae Suah is considered one of the boldest voices in Korean literature today.

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Livres modernes

Tullet, Hervé

Fleurs! / Hervé Tullet

[Paris] : Bayard jeunesse, 2019

Résumé: Créateur de près de soixante-quinze livres jeunesse, dont les derniers sont tous parus chez Bayard, Hervé Tullet aime susciter la surprise lors de ses rencontres-ateliers avec les enfants. La magie opère de la même façon à travers ses albums et livres d'activités, toujours attendus. « Un livre » (Prix Sorcières 2011) a renouvelé profondément l'album, bientôt suivi de « Couleurs», « On joue ? », « Oh ! Un livre qui fait des sons », « Sans titre », « Atelier dessins », « Un jeu », « Coucou c'est moi, Turlututu ! », « Livre de coloriages », « J'ai une idée ! »...Il est né en 1958 à Avranches, dans la Manche, et vit à nouveau en France après 4 années passées à New York.

Ti ho amato da sempre
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Livres modernes

Kotb, Hoda

Ti ho amato da sempre / Hoda Kotb ; illustrazioni di Suzie Mason

Milano : Nord sud, copyr. 2019

Résumé: L'arrivo di un bambino cambia per sempre l'universo. Ma prima ancora del sole e della luna c'ero io e c'eri tu in attesa che le nostre stelle si incontrassero lassù... Età di lettura: da 3 anni

The prince and the pauper
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Livres modernes

Twain, Mark

The prince and the pauper / Mark Twain ; retold and activities by Lisa Suett ; illustrated by Valerio Vidali

Recanati : ELI, 2016

Young ELI readers. Theatre, Stage 4

Résumé: Two boys are born on the same day, but their lives are very different. Edward Tudor is a prince and Tom Canty is a pauper. One day they decide to change identities. The poor boy’s dreams come true and he lives like a prince. The prince, on the other hand, discovers what life is like on the poor streets of London. But are dreams what they really seem? The boys soon find out.

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Livres modernes

Collodi, Carlo

Pinocchio / Carlo Collodi ; illustrated by Elisa Vavouri

Essex : Miles Kelly, 2016

Mini classic

Résumé: Quando Geppetto si apprestò a fare un bel burattino di legno che gli tenesse compagnia ebbe una sorpresa: al primo colpo di scalpello scoprì che... parlava! Lo chiamò Pinocchio, e iniziano qui le avventure del burattino più birichino di tutti i tempi. Le note a fine libro e le belle illustrazioni di Elisa Vavouri accompagnano i piccoli lettori in una delle pagine più amate della letteratura per ragazzi. Età di lettura: da 6 anni.

Harry and the Egyptian tomb
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Livres modernes

Cadwallader, Jane

Harry and the Egyptian tomb / Jane Cadwallader ; illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

Recanati : ELI, 2013

Young ELI readers. Stage 4

Résumé: Two police officers, Harry and Emma, are sent to investigate an ancient Egyptian tomb where stolen gold is hidden. Harry is not happy and his mood gets worse when he finds out that a young girl is going to be their guide. However, Harry and Emma go into the tomb of the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertari, led by Chione. What dangers will they meet? And what will they find inside? In this Reader you will find: