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The hateful  8 [DOCUMENTO SONORO]
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Morricone, Ennio

The hateful 8 [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / original music composed and orchestrated by Ennio Morricone

Decca, p 2015

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Fallen [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / Evanescence

Concord, [2015]

The Red collar
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Rufin, Jean-Christophe

The Red collar / Jean-Christophe Rufin ; translate from the French by Adriana Hunter

New York : Europa Editions, copyr. 2015

Résumé: n 1919, in a small town in the province of Berry, France, under the crushing heat of summer, a war hero is being held prisoner in an abandoned barracks. In front of the door to his prison, a mangy dog barks night and day. Miles from where he is being held, in the French countryside, a young extraordinarily intelligent woman works the land, waiting and hoping. A judge whose principles have been sorely shaken by the war is traveling to an unknown location to sort out certain affairs of which it is better not to speak. Three characters. In their midst, a dog who holds the key both to their destinies and to this intriguing plot. Full of poetry and life, The Red Collar is at once a delightfully simple narrative about the human spirit and a profound work about loyalty and love.

Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English
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Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English / [edited by] A. S. Hornby ; managing editors: Margaret Deuter, Jennifer Bradbery, Joanna Turnbull ; editors: Leonie Hey, Suzanne Holloway ; speaking tutor: Mark Hancock ; phonetics editor: Michael Ashby

9th ed.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015

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Résumé: The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the world's bestselling advanced level dictionary for learners of English. The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, or OALD, is your complete guide to learning English vocabulary with definitions that learners can understand, example sentences showing language in use, and the new Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™ word lists providing core vocabulary that every student needs to learn. OALD is more than a dictionary. Take your English skills to the next level with extra resources and practice including the online iSpeaker and iWriter, or practise words anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app.

Les Alpes Graies et Poenines à l'époque romaine
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Puéjean, André

Les Alpes Graies et Poenines à l'époque romaine : Tarentaise, Beaufortain, Haut-Faucigny et Valais : fin du Ier siècle avant J.-C.-milieu du Ve siècle après J.-C. / André Puéjean ; preface de Michel Gayraud

2e éd. revue et augmentée

Nîmes : Nombre 7, 2015

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Sissako, Abderrahamane

Timbuktu [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / regia: Abderrahmane Sissako

Francia ; Mauritania, 2014

Résumé: Non lontano da Timbuktu, occupata dai fondamentalisti religiosi, in una tenda tra le dune sabbiose vive Kidane, in pace con la moglie Satima, la figlia Toya e il dodicenne Issan, il giovanissimo guardiano della loro mandria di buoi. In paese le persone soffrono sottomesse al regime di terrore imposto dai jihadisti determinati a controllare le loro vite. Musica, risate, sigarette e addirittura il calcio, sono stati vietati. Le donne sono state obbligate a mettere il velo ma conservano la propria dignità. Ogni giorno una nuova corte improvvisata emette tragiche e assurde sentenze. Kidane e la sua famiglia riescono inizialmente a sottrarsi al caos che incombe su Timbuktu. Ma il loro destino muta improvvisamente quando Kidane uccide accidentalmente Amadou, il pastore che aveva massacrato Gps, il bue della mandria a cui erano molto affezionati. Kidane sa che dovrà affrontare la nuova legge che hanno portato gli invasori.

[Passione per Maria]
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Benzoni, Juliette

[Passione per Maria]

The night of the panthers
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Pulixi, Piergiorgio

The night of the panthers / Piergiorgio Pulixi ; translated from the Italian by Carol Perkins

New York : Europa, 2015

World noir

Résumé: Inspector Biagio Mazzeo is the head of a special unit composed cops who have been trained in the investigation of organized crime. He is a kind of father figure to these hard men and he often leads them well beyond the confines of what is legal. But now they’ve been found out. In order to save his men from being smeared in a corruption scandal, Mazzeo sacrifices himself and is tried and sentenced to jail time. His sacrifice, however, isn’t enough to get his men out of trouble. His unit has stolen a shipment of drugs and its owners want it back. This time, Mazzeo’s boys have messed around with the wrong drug cartel, for these are no ordinary criminals, this is the ‘Ndrangheta, the infamous Calabrian mafia that is known to stop at nothing to get what’s theirs. From behind bars Mazzeo has only one way of helping his men: making a deal with a young female police officer who promises he will be released and all charges will be dropped if Mazzeo embarks on a suicide mission to put an end to an underworld war. In a gripping crescendo of violence, vendettas and corruption, Biagio Mazzeo has to choose sides because this time it’s not just his badge that is one the line, but his life. The Night of the Panthers Piergiorgio Pulixi’s US debute and an action filled police drama that will have readers’ pulses racing.