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Valle di Cogne, Gran Paradiso
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Blatto, Marco - Zavatta, Luca

Valle di Cogne, Gran Paradiso / Marco Blatto, Luca Zavatta

Rimini : L'escursionista, 2018

Trekking week-end ; 10

Compact Oxford English dictionary of current English
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Compact Oxford English dictionary of current English / edited by Catherine Soanes and Sara Hawker

3rd ed.Reprinted with corrections

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018

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Résumé: A hardback dictionary, ideal for everyday reference at home, school, or work. Contains over 150,000 words, phrases, and definitions. Two-colour layout and accessible design help you find the information you need quickly and easily. Features all the words you need, with extensive coverage of essential vocabulary, plus the most-used technical and specialist terms. Effective English centre section, full of practical advice, helps you use language more effectively. Discover more about English using our fully integrated online dictionary and thesaurus, which is updated regularly so you can see the latest changes to the language.