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× Langues spa
× Date 2009
× Sujet Genere: Giallo
× Sujet Animali - Comportamento - Libri per ragazzi
× Pays be
× Noms Petit, Cristina
× Langues chi
× Noms Apollodorus, Atheniensis
× Sujet Laboratori scolastici
× Noms Bertinetto, Clara
× Noms Buglioni, Federica
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× Date 2019
× Materiel 1
× Langues eng

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Dan in London
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MacAndrew, Richard

Dan in London / Richard MacAndrew

[London] : Helbling languages, copyr. 2019

Helbling readers. Fiction, Red series. Level 2

Résumé: Helbling Readers Red Series è un’accattivante serie di letture graduate illustrate, create e pensate appositamente per i ragazzi. Le letture sono graduate in 3 livelli corrispondenti a quelli del Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento. Dan and Sue are in London with their parents when they see two men acting in a very strange way outside their hotel. They decide to follow them and find out that the men are stealing handbags. What happens when the men discover that Dan and Sue know their secret? And what can their parents do to help? Join Dan and Sue in London and find out.