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The American West in art
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The American West in art : selections from the Denver Art Museum / edited by Thomas Brent Smith and Jennifer R. Henneman

Denver : Denver Art Museum, copyr. 2020

Résumé: Il volume raccoglie una selezione di opere d'arte relative alla produzione artistica dell'occidente americano appartenenti alla collezione del Petrie Institute of Western American Art conservata presso il Denver Art Museum. Tale collezione risulta essere una delle più ricche e significative al mondo intorno a questo tema grazie alla rilevanza delle sue sculture bronzee, delle opere della prima modernità nonché delle testimonianze date dalle comunità artistiche di Tao e Santa Fe. Il tema cardine del libro è declinato nel periodo compreso tra l'inizio del XIX secolo e la metà del XX. L'eterogeneità della collezione emerge qualora il lettore sfogli le oltre duecento pagine dedicate a ritratti, scene di genere, paesaggi e dipinti di luoghi ancora selvaggi... La narrazione procede in modo cronologico e presenta anzitutto le prime figure di luminari (Albert Bierstadt, Frederic Remington e Charles M. Russell), ma anche uomini influenti (Robert Henri e gli artisti della comunità TAO) così come pittori modernisti particolarmente importanti (tra gli altri Maynard Dixon, Marsden Hartley e Raymond Jonson). Emerge chiaramente osservando le illustrazioni e leggendo i testi scritti da specialisti il clima artistico, culturale e identitario dell'America occidentale nel tempo. Il prologo a cura dello storico Dan Flores, così come l'epilogo della storica dell'arte Erika Doss mettono in luce il contesto più ampio nel quale si inserisce la storia dell'arte dell'occidente americano. Il presente volume viene pubblicato in occasione del tour di mostre che avrà inizio nel 2020 e dell'apertura della nuova sezione dedicata alla produzione artistica dell'America occidentale presso il Denver Art Museum nel 2021.

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Altan, Ahmet

Endgame / Ahmet Altan ; translated from the Turkish by Alexander Dawe

New York : Europa Editions, 2017

Résumé: In Endgame, award-winning author and Turkish political dissident Ahmet Altan has crafted an enigmatic literary noir exploring the ways corruption has overtaken contemporary Turkish life. With a dreamlike logic reminiscent of Paul Auster and Graham Greene, it tells the story of an unnamed man who arrives in a small town only to find himself involved in a mystery with existential implications (The Washington Post). The protagonist, a womanizing writer who lived his entire life in the city, retires to a sunbaked Turkish village to enjoy the quiet. Instead, he encounters a world of suspicion, paranoia, and violence. The town’s mayor is both his only ally and his greatest nemesis; his lover shares an ambiguous past with the mayor; the locals seem hell-bent on turning him into a murderer; and, he is initiated into the town’s biggest secret only to discover this knowledge will become a weapon used against him. All the while, Altan’s appealingly untrustworthy narrator transports the reader into a world of lust, ambition, small-town politics, and death.

Crane Pond
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Francis, Richard

Crane Pond : a novel of Salem / Richard Francis

New York : Europa Editions, 2016

Résumé: In a colony struggling for survival, in a mysterious new world where infant mortality is high and sin is to blame, Samuel Sewall is committed to being a loving family man, a good citizen, and a fair-minded judge. Like any believing Puritan, he agonizes over what others think of him, while striving to act morally correct, keep the peace, and, when possible, enjoy a hefty slice of pie. His one regret is that months earlier, he didn’t sentence a group of pirates to death. What begins as a touching story of a bumbling man tasked with making judgments in a society where reason is often ephemeral quickly becomes the chilling narrative we know too well. And when public opinion wavers, Sewall learns that what has been done cannot be undone. Crane Pond explores the inner life of a well-meaning man who compromised with evil and went on to regret it. At once a searing view of the Trials, an empathetic portrait of one of the period’s most tragic figures, and an indictment of the malevolent power of idealism, it is a thrilling new telling of one of America’s founding stories.

The golden age
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London, Joan

The golden age / Joan London

New York : Europa, 2016

Résumé: The Golden Age is an immensely satisfying and generous-hearted story about displacement, recovery, resilience, and love. Thirteen-year-old Frank Gold’s family has escaped from Hungary and the perils of World War II to the safety of Australia, but not long after their arrival Frank is diagnosed with polio. He is sent to a sprawling children’s hospital called The Golden Age, where he meets Elsa, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, a girl who radiates pure light. Frank and Elsa fall in love, fueling one another’s rehabilitation, facing the perils of polio and adolescence hand in hand, and scandalizing the prudish staff of The Golden Age. Meanwhile, Frank and Elsa’s parents must cope with their changing realities. Elsa’s mother Margaret, who has given up everything to be a perfect mother, must reconcile her hopes and dreams with her daughter’s sickness. Frank’s parents, transplants to Australia from a war-torn Europe, are isolated newcomers in a country that they do not love and that does not seem to love them. Frank’s mother Ida, a renowned pianist in Hungary, refuses to allow the western deserts of Australia to become her home. But her husband, Meyer, slowly begins to free himself from the past and integrate into a new society.With tenderness and humor, The Golden Age tells a deeply moving story about illness and recovery. It is a book about learning to navigate the unfamiliar, about embracing music, poetry, death, and, most importantly, life.

The Red collar
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Rufin, Jean-Christophe

The Red collar / Jean-Christophe Rufin ; translate from the French by Adriana Hunter

New York : Europa Editions, copyr. 2015

Résumé: n 1919, in a small town in the province of Berry, France, under the crushing heat of summer, a war hero is being held prisoner in an abandoned barracks. In front of the door to his prison, a mangy dog barks night and day. Miles from where he is being held, in the French countryside, a young extraordinarily intelligent woman works the land, waiting and hoping. A judge whose principles have been sorely shaken by the war is traveling to an unknown location to sort out certain affairs of which it is better not to speak. Three characters. In their midst, a dog who holds the key both to their destinies and to this intriguing plot. Full of poetry and life, The Red Collar is at once a delightfully simple narrative about the human spirit and a profound work about loyalty and love.

Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English
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Oxford advanced learner's dictionary of current English / [edited by] A. S. Hornby ; managing editors: Margaret Deuter, Jennifer Bradbery, Joanna Turnbull ; editors: Leonie Hey, Suzanne Holloway ; speaking tutor: Mark Hancock ; phonetics editor: Michael Ashby

9th ed.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015

Résumé: The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the world's bestselling advanced level dictionary for learners of English. The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, or OALD, is your complete guide to learning English vocabulary with definitions that learners can understand, example sentences showing language in use, and the new Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™ word lists providing core vocabulary that every student needs to learn. OALD is more than a dictionary. Take your English skills to the next level with extra resources and practice including the online iSpeaker and iWriter, or practise words anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary app.

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Ahlberg, Janet - Ahlberg, Allan

Peepo! / by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

[London] : Puffin, 2011

Résumé: Peepo! è un classico di Janet e Allan Ahlberg che continua a deliziare generazioni di bambini piccoli e i loro genitori. Guarda attraverso i buchi per individuare i dettagli delle meravigliose illustrazioni...

Of beasts and beings
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Holding, Ian

Of beasts and beings / Ian Holding

New York : Europa, 2011

Résumé: “At once merciless, poetic, and beautiful, Ian Holding’s Of Beasts and Beings, is a postmodern elegy I won’t soon forget.”—Alice Sebold “Of Beasts and Beings is a thought-provoking study of the dehumanizing effects of racial violence and oppression.”—The Guardian “An ending as audacious as it is surprising.”—Daily Mail (UK) In this searing and timely novel, the devastating effects of a country’s economic and moral collapse provide the backdrop for a story about individual fortitude and conscience. In an unnamed African republic, militiamen seize an innocent captive while he is scavenging for food in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. He is subsequently traded and ransomed and ends up in the hands of another group, whose members include a pregnant woman whom he is forced to carry in a wheelbarrow on a nightmarish and seemingly endless overland journey. This powerful story alternates with the tale of a white schoolteacher who, embittered by the horrific state of his country, is preparing to leave. Before he can do so he must confront his own demons and personal failings. Both men are in danger and both are apparently helpless to control their fates. When these two plotlines brilliantly and surprisingly unite the result is electrifying.

Eight white nights
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Aciman, André

Eight white nights / André Aciman

New York : Picador, 2010

Résumé: A young man goes to a Christmas party in upper Manhattan where a woman introduces herself with three simple words: "I am Clara." Over the following seven days, they meet every evening at the cinema. Overwhelmed yet cautious, he treads softly. The tension between them builds gradually―marked by ambivalence, hope, and distrust―culminating in a final scene on New Year's Eve charged with magic and the passion. André Aciman yet again explores human emotion with uncompromising accuracy in this piercing new novel. Eight White Nights is a brilliant performance from a master prose stylist.

The Boleyn inheritance
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Gregory, Philippa

The Boleyn inheritance / Philippa Gregory

2. ed.

London : HarperCollins, 2007

Résumé: From the bestselling author of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, Philippa Gregory, comes a wonderfully atmospheric evocation of the court of Henry VIII and his final queens. The king will decide who will live and who will die; he has the power of God now. 1539. Henry VIII must take his fourth wife and the dangerous prize is won by Anne of Cleves. A German princess by birth, Anne is to be Henry’s pawn in the Protestant alliance against Rome, but the marriage falters from the start. Henry finds nothing to admire in his new queen, setting himself against his advisors and nobles to pay court to young Katherine Howard. The new queen begins to sense a trap closing around her. And Jane Boleyn, summoned to the inner circle once more by her uncle the Duke of Norfolk, finds a fractious court haunted by the Boleyn legacy of death and deceit. Nothing is certain in a kingdom ruled by an increasingly tyrannical king.