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The snail and the whale
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Livres modernes

Donaldson, Julia - Scheffler, Axel

The snail and the whale : make and do book / based on the picture book by Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler

London : Macmillan children's books, 2020

Résumé: Packed with make and do activities and over 200 stickers, The Snail and the Whale Make and Do book is a great gift for any child - ideal for rainy days and holidays. One little snail longs to see the world and hitches a lift on the tail of an enormous whale. Together they go on an amazing journey, past icebergs and volcanoes, sharks and penguins, and through sun, snow and stormy seas. Join in their adventures with this fun craft book - make a penguin pencil pot, create a tropical erupting volcano and find out how to turn an empty shoebox into your very own underwater world! Based on the bestselling picture book, The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo.

Our fathers
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Livres modernes

Wait, Rebecca

Our fathers / Rebecca Wait

New York : Europa, 2020

Résumé: Nobody knows why John Baird, a quiet family man, took it into his head one day to pick up a shotgun and murder his wife and children. On the remote Scottish island of Skellag, violent crime is unheard of, and the killings send shockwaves through this tiny community in which the Bairds were well-known and liked. Tommy, the only survivor of the terrible crime, has come back to Skellag many years later. Faced with this reminder of the horrors that took place amongst them, the community must ask themselves again how much responsibility we have to know our neighbors. What drives a man to murder his own family? And to what extent is Tommy his father’s son? With unflinching candor and powerful prose, Rebecca Wait interrogates the damaging legacy of toxic masculinity for a family and a community. Brave and urgent, Our Fathers shows how deeply family can wound and how it can offer our greatest solace.

Green eggs and ham
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Livres modernes

Doctor Seuss

Green eggs and ham / by Dr. Seuss

London : Harper Collins children's books, 2019

Résumé: Sam-I-Am and his Green Eggs and Ham get a brand-new look for their 60th birthday! The original Dr. Seuss classic that inspired the Netflix series. It's the 60th birthday of Green Eggs and Ham - and you're invited to the party! The original Dr. Seuss classic that inspired the Netflix series is now available in this beautiful 60th birthday celebration paperback. When Sam-I-am pesters a grumpy grouch to eat a plate of green eggs and ham, we soon find out we can't really know what we like until we try it! Written using only fifty words, this is the perfect book to introduce children to the joy of words, reading, and Dr. Seuss, or delight existing fans with this wonderfu edition of a worldwide favourite. As part of a major rebrand programme, HarperCollins is relaunching Dr. Seuss's bestselling books, including such perennial favourites as The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and Fox in Socks. In response to consumer demand, the bright new cover designs incorporate much needed guidance on reading levels, with the standard paperbacks divided into three reading strands - Blue Back Books for parents to share with young children, Green Back Books for budding readers to tackle on their own, and Yellow Back Books for older, more fluent readers to enjoy. Green Eggs and Ham belongs to the Green Back Books range.

Nobody dies twice
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Livres modernes

Trenker, Sarah

Nobody dies twice / Sarah Trenker

Firenze : Demetra, 2018

L'inglese in giallo. Secondo livello

Résumé: Un elicottero precipita con i suoi tre passeggeri: la moglie, la segretaria e il socio di un ricco uomo d'affari. Cosa è successo, e di chi è il cadavere di donna ritrovato tra i rottami? A indagare è l'investigatrice Beth Wilkins. In questo racconto: oltre 50 esercizi di apprendimento veloce, box di approfondimento grammaticale, test finale di verifica, glossario con oltre 450 parole.

Bring in the new [DOCUMENTO SONORO]
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Betto, Aldo - Savana Funk

Bring in the new [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / Savana Funk

Brutture moderne, [2018]

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Livres modernes

Calabria : [echoes of Magna Graecia set between two seas, wild cliffs and wind, modern cities, beaches: a journey to the ancient edge of the world]

Milano : Touring club italiano, copyr. 2018

Guides to Italy

Puss in boots
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Livres modernes

Mackinnon, Mairi - Román, Gemma

Puss in boots / retold by Mairi Mackinnon ; illustrated by Gemma Román

London : Usborne, 2018

Usborne English readers. Level 1

Résumé: From the classic French fairy tale. All Tom has in the world is a cat; but Puss is no ordinary cat. He introduces Tom to the King as the Marquis of Carabas. The King is impressed by the Marquis' generosity, and his daughter thinks Tom is charming. If Puss can kill a giant, their fortunes are made. The Usborne English Readers series is a new range of graded readers in simplified English for younger learners. They include activities, glossaries and a full audio recording of the text in both British English and American English.

The emperor's new clothes
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Livres modernes

Mackinnon, Mairi - Demidova, Olga

The emperor's new clothes / from the story by Hans Christian Andersen ; retold by Mairi Mackinnon ; illustrated by Olga Demidova

London : Usborne, 2016

Usborne English readers. Level 1

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Manny [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / directed by Ryan Moore, Leon Gast ; narrated by Liam Neeson

Universal, 2015

Résumé: Passando dall'essere estremamente povero al diventare per dieci volte campione mondiale di pugilato, Manny Pacquiao, ormai al culmine della sua carriera, si trova a fronteggiare situazioni senza scrupoli per cercare di mantenere una degna vita personale. Nato nelle Filippine, Pacquiao è salito sul ring per la prima volta a sedici anni per sfamare la sua famiglia e nell'arco di vent'anni è diventato una sorta di icona internazionale, in grado di attirare le attenzioni di circa 100 milioni di persone ogni volta che combatte.

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Ronaldo [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / director: Anthony Wonke

Universal, 2015

Résumé: Il racconto un anno di vita di uno dei migliori giocatori di calcio al mondo: Cristiano Ronaldo. Un ritratto ravvicinato e intimo sulla vita di una delle più grandi star calcistiche di tutti i tempi, conosciuto e amato da milioni di persone per le sue gesta sportive e per la sua grande generosità.

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The Class of '92 [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / directors: Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner

Extended edition

Universal, 2014

Résumé: Film sulla generazione di giocatori fuoriclasse del Manchester United.

Cow takes a bow and other tales
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Livres modernes

Punter, Russell - Sims, Lesley - Mackinnon, Mairi

Cow takes a bow and other tales / Russell Punter, Lesley Sims & Mairi Mackinnon; illustrated by Fred Blunt

London : Usborne, 2014

Usborne phonics stories

Résumé: Sei vivaci racconti in rima con tante illustrazioni divertenti, ideali per i bambini che cominciano a leggere in inglese da soli o per la storia della buonanotte. Con testi semplici in rima e ripetizioni foniche, pensati appositamente per sviluppare le capacità linguistiche e di lettura. Comprende anche consigli d’uso per i genitori alla fine del libro.

The dream maker
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Livres modernes

Rufin, Jean-Christophe

The dream maker / Jean-Christophe Rufin ; translated from the French by Alison Anderson

New York : Europa, 2013

Résumé: Based on the true story of Jacques Coeur, The Dream Maker is the story of a Steve Jobs of the Middle Ages. Coeur was the King of France’s visionary First Banker who, with his tours of the Far East, his public criticism of the Crusades, and his efforts to develop trade and an operable financial system, contributed to bringing France out of darkness and toward the Renaissance and modernity. An adventure novel, a novel of ideas, and a moving love story. After a brilliant career as a trader, Jacques Coeur was summoned to the court of Charles VII and appointed Master of the Mint in 1436. He rose to become the King of France's visionary First Banker who, with his tours of the Far East, his opposition to the crusades, and his efforts to develop trade, brought France out of the darkness toward the Renaissance and modernity. At the height of his success, his ill-considered infatuation with Agnès Sorel, King Charles VII's favorite mistress, precipitated Coeur's fall from grace.

The little mermaid
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Livres modernes

Walt Disney Productions

The little mermaid : Ariel and the prince / Disney ; re-told by: Kathryn Harper

Harlow : Pearson, 2012

Pearson English kids readers. Level 2

Résumé: Ariel is a mermaid. She loves human things. One day Ariel sees a boat … and a Prince on the boat. Suddenly there is a storm. Can Ariel help the Prince?

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Terres indiennes [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : quatre siècles d'histoire des États-Unis racontés par les indiens

Arte Éditions, 2010

Résumé: Faisant voler en éclats les stéréotypes attachés aux Amérindiens du nord, " féroces guerriers " pour les uns, " êtres pacifiques attachés à leur terre " pour les autres, terres indiennes décrypte l'histoire des " Américains d'origine ", lui restituant son caractère essentiel et constitutif de la nation américaine. L' " American Experience ", l'émission historique la plus regardée et la plus respectée aux Etats-Unis, a permis une coopération exceptionnelle entre conseillers, historiens et réalisateurs. Ils ont réussi à retracer en 5 épisodes les épreuves endurées par ces populations, l'esprit de résistance manifesté de 1621 à l'époque contemporaine, du Mayflower à l'American Indian Movement des années 70.

Just so stories
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Livres modernes

Kipling, Rudyard

Just so stories / Rudyard Kipling ; illustrated by Daniele Fabbri ; adaptation and activities by Elizabeth Ann Moore

Genoa : Black Cat, 2010

Green apple. Starter A1

Résumé: Rudyard Kipling stupisce ancora una volta i suoi lettori con cinque racconti ambientati nel mondo animale. Come mai gli elefanti hanno un naso così lungo, e perché i leopardi hanno le macchie? A quale scopo i canguri saltellano in giro per l’Australia? Personaggi indimenticabili, come il giovane e astuto marinaio che riesce addirittura a ingannare una balena…

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Congo River [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : au-delà des ténèbres / un film de Thierry Michel

Les Films de la Passerelle, 2006

Résumé: Une éxpédition sur les traces de Stanley, qui remonte le fleuve Congo de l'embouchure jusqu'à sa source. Un voyage de sept mois au coeur de ces terres oubliées, par delà les ténèbres des tragédies et des guerres, à la découverte des enfants-soldats et des guerriers Maï Maï. un hymne à la vie, sur des musiques de Lokua Kanza, où les joies et les souffrances, les fêtes et les drames rythment l'existence des piroguiers, pêcheurs, commerçants et voyageurs. Un voyage boulversant dont personne de sort indemne.

La petite musique de Marie-Antoinette [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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La petite musique de Marie-Antoinette [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / un film de Olivier Simonnet

Armide, 2006

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Pilates [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : workout for dummies / produced and directed by Andrea Ambandos ; with Michelle Dozois

Anchor Bay Entertainment, 2003

For dummies

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The Joshua Tree [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / U2 ; regia: Philip King, Nuala O'Connor

Eagle Vision, 2003

Classic albums

Résumé: Dietro le quinte dell'album The Joshua Tree.