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× Sujet Castelli - Valle d'Aosta - Guide - VDA
× Noms Westerberg, Paul
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Sophie's dream
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Livres modernes

Guillemant, Dominique

Sophie's dream / Dominique Guillemant ; illustrated by Paola Chartroux

New ed.

Recanati : ELI, 2021

Young ELI readers. Stage 1, Below A1

Résumé: She is dreaming about a day at the circus. What would happen if during the night elephants and lions, musicians and entertainers, clowns and ballet dancers came in your little room? The never ending and fascinating show of the circus seen from the eyes of a curious child in a very poetic tale accompanied by artistic illustrations.

Dr Domuch and the Huemuls
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Livres modernes

Cadwallader, Jane

Dr Domuch and the Huemuls / Jane Cadwallader ; illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

Recanati : ELI, copyr. 2021

Young ELI readers. Stage 3

Résumé: Have you ever seen a sloth? Jim and his brother and sister meet one in this adventure in the Amazon Rainforest. It is the story of how they team up, with Slowly, the sloth and his friends, helped by Uncle Jack, his daughter Dr Silver and some Amazon Indians to save their habitat.