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At the edge of the orchard
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Livres modernes

Chevalier, Tracy

At the edge of the orchard / Tracy Chevalier

London : The Borough press, 2016

Résumé: In the inhospitable Black Swamp of Ohio, the Goodenough family are barely scratching out a living. Life there is harsh, tempered only by the apples they grow for eating and for the cider that dulls their pain. Hot-headed Sadie and buttoned-up James are a poor match, and Robert and his sister Martha can only watch helplessly as their parents tear each other apart. One particularly vicious fight sends Robert out alone across America, far from his sister, to seek his fortune among the mighty redwoods and sequoias of Gold Rush California. But even across a continent, he can feel the pull of family loyalties…

The prince and the pauper
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Livres modernes

Twain, Mark

The prince and the pauper / Mark Twain ; retold and activities by Lisa Suett ; illustrated by Valerio Vidali

Recanati : ELI, 2016

Young ELI readers. Theatre, Stage 4

Résumé: Two boys are born on the same day, but their lives are very different. Edward Tudor is a prince and Tom Canty is a pauper. One day they decide to change identities. The poor boy’s dreams come true and he lives like a prince. The prince, on the other hand, discovers what life is like on the poor streets of London. But are dreams what they really seem? The boys soon find out.

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Livres modernes

Collodi, Carlo

Pinocchio / Carlo Collodi ; illustrated by Elisa Vavouri

Essex : Miles Kelly, 2016

Mini classic

Résumé: Quando Geppetto si apprestò a fare un bel burattino di legno che gli tenesse compagnia ebbe una sorpresa: al primo colpo di scalpello scoprì che... parlava! Lo chiamò Pinocchio, e iniziano qui le avventure del burattino più birichino di tutti i tempi. Le note a fine libro e le belle illustrazioni di Elisa Vavouri accompagnano i piccoli lettori in una delle pagine più amate della letteratura per ragazzi. Età di lettura: da 6 anni.