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The black sun
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Twining, James

The black sun / James Twining

London : Harper, 2006

Résumé: High adventure, mind–blowing suspense. Tom Kirk, the world’s greatest art thief, is back on another life–threatening mission. In London, an Auschwitz survivor is murdered in his hospital bed, his killers making off with a macabre trophy – his severed left arm. In Fort Mead, Maryland, a vicious gang breaks into the NSA museum and steals a World War II Enigma machine, lynching the guard who happens to cross their path. Meanwhile, in Prague, a frenzied and mindless anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue culminates in the theft of a seemingly worthless painting by a little known Czech artist called Karel Bellak. A year has passed since Tom Kirk, the world's greatest art thief, decided to put his criminal past behind him and embark on a new career, on the right side of the law . Then three major thefts occur, and suddenly Tom is confronted with a deadly mystery and a sinister face from the past.

The first casualty
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Livres modernes

Elton, Ben

The first casualty / Ben Elton

London : Black swan, 2006

Résumé: Flanders, June 1917: a British officer and celebrated poet, is shot dead, killed not by German fire, but while recuperating from shell shock well behind the lines. A young English soldier is arrested and, although he protests his innocence, charged with his murder. Douglas Kingsley is a conscientious objector, previously a detective with the London police, now imprisoned for his beliefs. He is released and sent to France in order to secure a conviction. Forced to conduct his investigations amidst the hell of The Third Battle of Ypres, Kingsley soon discovers that both the evidence and the witnesses he needs are quite literally disappearing into the mud that surrounds him. Ben Elton's tenth novel is a gut-wrenching historical drama which explores some fundamental questions. What is murder? What is justice in the face of unimaginable daily slaughter? And where is the honour in saving a man from the gallows if he is only to be returned to die in a suicidal battle? As the gap between legally-sanctioned and illegal murder becomes evermore blurred, Kingsley quickly learns that the first casualty when war comes is truth.

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Hickox, Anthony

Submerged [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : allarme negli abissi / regia: Anthony Hickox

USA ; Gran Bretagna ; Bulgaria, 2005

Résumé: Il militare Chris Kody viene rilasciato dal carcere in cui si trova e riaggregato alla sua vecchia squadra, incaricata di catturare uno scienziato che ha messo a punto un diabolico sistema di controllo psichico capace di trasformare chiunque in uno spietato killer..