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McNab, Andy - Rigby, Robert

Payback / Andy McNab and Robert Rigby

London : Corgi Books, 2005

Résumé: A series of high-profile suicide bombings are devastating London and frustrating British Intelligence. But that doesn’t matter to seventeen-year-old Danny Watts and his former SAS hero grandfather, Fergus, who are living undercover in southern Spain, knowing that the slightest slip could expose their whereabouts to the ruthless killers on their trail. All too soon, Danny and Fergus have their cover blown and are on the run again, with their enemies closing in fast. Suddenly, Danny and Fergus are forced to return to London and clear the family name. But once back in the UK, it appears that Danny is somehow connected to the bombings, and now they both must struggle to bring the truth to light before it’s too late for payback.