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Imputato, alzatevi! [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Mattoli, Mario

Imputato, alzatevi! [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / regia: Mario Mattoli

Italia, 1939

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Résumé: Un tipo balzano, infermiere e uomo "tutto fare" nella clinica pediatrica di un medico suo fratello di latte, si è innamorato di una collega. Per interessarla egli si finge un dongiovanni assillato da lettere e premure di ammiratrici. Ma questa sua mania avventurosa lo spinge un bel giorno effettivamente nel dramma. Casualmente trovato presso il corpo di una donna uccisa egli, per una infinità di indizi, è accusato di omicidio.

L'enfant de Noé [DOCUMENTO SONORO]
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Schmitt, Éric-Emmanuel

L'enfant de Noé [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt ; texte intégral lu par l'auteur

Audiolib, p 2008


La guardiana delle oche
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Livres modernes

Grimm, Jakob - Grimm, Wilhelm

La guardiana delle oche / dalle fiabe di Jacob e Wilhelm Grimm ; illustrazioni di Maria Biasio Fulgosi

Milano : Edilibri, copyr. 2008

Fiabe e colori

The Inch prince
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Livres modernes

Punter, Russell - Ward, Matt

The Inch prince / retold by Russell Punter ; illustrated by Matt Ward

London : Usborne, 2008

Usborne first reading. Level four

Résumé: Part of "The Young Reading" series, this title helps young readers grow in confidence and ability

Round the world in eighty days
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Livres modernes

Verne, Jules

Round the world in eighty days / Jules Verne ; translated and retold by H.E. Palmer

Harlow : Pearson Educational Limited, 2008

Pearson English readers. Level 5

Résumé: Phileas Fogg is living quietly in London. Then he makes a bet that he can travel around the world in eighty days. The result is a crazy, exciting race against time across Europe, Asia and America. There are many dangers along the way – and a detective who wants to arrest him!

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Livres modernes

Rollason, Jane

Gandhi / Jane Rollason

Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2008

Pearson English Readers. Level 2

Résumé: Mahatma Gandhi is famous for his protests without violence. He fought for change in South Africa and then at home in India. Read the inspirational story of the man who changed the world.

Mr Bean in town
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Livres modernes

Atkinson, Rowan

Mr Bean in town / Rowan Atkinson ... [et al.] ; retold by John Escott

Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2008

Pearson English Readers. Level 2

Résumé: In a restaurant, Mr. Bean doesn’t like his food. He tries to hide it in very strange places. At the laundromat, Mr. Bean loses his trousers. Two hilarious stories about Mr. Bean.

The Amazon rain forest
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Livres modernes

Smith, Bernard

The Amazon rain forest / Bernard Smith

Harlow : Pearson Education Limited, 2008

Pearson English Readers. Level 2

Résumé: The Amazon Rain Forest is the largest rain forest in the world. It is 10,000,000 years old and many different kinds of plants and animals live here. The forest is important for the world’s weather and wildlife, but it is disappearing fast. Read this book and learn about this wonderful forest and its problems. What will its future be?