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Macdonald, Malcolm

Abigail / Malcolm Macdonald

Naperville : Sourcebooks Landmark, 2011

Résumé: Daughter of the wealthy and storied Stevenson family, Abigail Stevenson should have been a creature of unawakened innocence. But one fateful day she tricks her maid, Annie, into telling her the facts of life, and soon comes to realize that the same shocking secret can be a glorious and life-enhancing mystery. Thus begins her path of passion and indomitable ambition that will lead her from England to the great capitals of Europe, from the passions of man and woman to those of intellectual, artist, and creator. A beloved novel by a beloved author, Abigail is a gripping and passionate tale of one woman's struggles to break free of the bonds of her heritage

Heart of darkness
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Livres modernes

Conrad, Joseph

Heart of darkness / Joseph Conrad ; introduction, notes and activities by Jozef Falinski

Genoa : Black cat, copyr. 1992

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