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Amaia se conecta
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Nirón Montes, Juan de

Amaia se conecta / Juan de Nirón Montes ; illustraciones de Alberto Stefani

Londres : Cideb, 2017

Leer y aprender. Nivel segundo, A2

Résumé: Amaia vive a Bilbao con la madre e ha una vita normale. Le piace ascoltare la musica e uscire con gli amici. I suoi genitori sono separati ma vanno d’accordo e la domenica va a fare visita ai nonni. Un giorno però riceve una strana richiesta di amicizia su FriendsBook…

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Altan, Ahmet

Endgame / Ahmet Altan ; translated from the Turkish by Alexander Dawe

New York : Europa Editions, 2017

Résumé: In Endgame, award-winning author and Turkish political dissident Ahmet Altan has crafted an enigmatic literary noir exploring the ways corruption has overtaken contemporary Turkish life. With a dreamlike logic reminiscent of Paul Auster and Graham Greene, it tells the story of an unnamed man who arrives in a small town only to find himself involved in a mystery with existential implications (The Washington Post). The protagonist, a womanizing writer who lived his entire life in the city, retires to a sunbaked Turkish village to enjoy the quiet. Instead, he encounters a world of suspicion, paranoia, and violence. The town’s mayor is both his only ally and his greatest nemesis; his lover shares an ambiguous past with the mayor; the locals seem hell-bent on turning him into a murderer; and, he is initiated into the town’s biggest secret only to discover this knowledge will become a weapon used against him. All the while, Altan’s appealingly untrustworthy narrator transports the reader into a world of lust, ambition, small-town politics, and death.