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Miss Marx [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / regia: Susanna Nicchiarelli

Italia, 2020

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Résumé: Eleanor Marx, figlia di Karl Marx, non è solo una donna brillante, colta e libera, ma è soprattutto una persona combattiva in grado di portare avanti il pensiero del padre. Attivista nel campo del femminismo e del socialismo, partecipa alle lotte operaie e combatte per i diritti delle donne e l’abolizione del lavoro minorile. Tutta la sua forza non trova però spazio nella vita privata dove si fa largo la sua vulnerabilità al fianco del marito infedele Edward Aveling, di cui non riuscirà mai a liberarsi.

Older brother
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Livres modernes

Guven, Mahir

Older brother / Mahir Guven ; translated from the French by Tina Kover

New York : Europa, 2019

Résumé: Older Brother is the poignant story of a Franco-Syrian family whose father and two sons try to integrate themselves into a society that doesn’t offer them many opportunities. The father, an atheist communist who moved from Syria to France for his studies and stayed for love, has worked for decades driving a taxi to support his family. The eldest son is a driver for an app-based car service, which comically puts him at odds with his father, whose very livelihood is threatened by this new generation of disruptors. The younger son, shy and serious, works as a nurse in a French hospital. Jaded by the regular rejections he encounters in French society, he decides to join a Muslim humanitarian organization to help wounded civilians in the war in Syria. But when he stops sending news home, the silence begins to eat away at his father and brother who wonder what his real motivations were. When younger brother returns home, he has changed. Guven alternates between an ironic take on contemporary society and the gravity of terrorist threats. He explores with equal poignancy the lives of “Uberized” workers and actors in the global jihad.

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Holderman, Bill

Book Club [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : tutto può succedere / regia: Bill Holdermann

USA, 2018

Résumé: Quattro donne, che da trent'anni si incontrano ogni mese per commentare la lettura di un libro, scoprono Cinquanta sfumature di grigio. Decidono così di sfruttare il romanzo per "movimentare" la loro vita…

Attacco al potere [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Fuqua, Antoine

Attacco al potere [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = Olympus Has Fallen / regia: Antoine Fuqua

USA, 2013

Résumé: Un gruppo di estremisti nord coreani da il via ad un audace agguato in pieno giorno alla Casa Bianca, oltrepassando l’edificio e prendendo in ostaggio il Presidente Benjamin Asher e il suo staff all'interno dell’impenetrabile bunker presidenziale sotterraneo. Il loro obiettivo è quello di mettere sotto scacco l’intera nazione degli Stati Uniti. L’unica speranza per evitare la catastrofe è Mike Banning , l'ex responsabile della sicurezza il quale, rimasto l’unico membro dei Servizi Segreti ancora vivo nell’edificio assediato, diventerà gli occhi e le orecchie del Portavoce della Casa Bianca Allan Trumbull e dei suoi consiglieri.

Bloody January
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Livres modernes

Parks, Alan

Bloody January / Alan Parks

New York : Europa, 2018

World noir

Résumé: An exciting, evocative first-in-series noir novel set in 1973 Glasgow, a city on the cusp of a heroin epidemic, featuring detective Harry McCoy. When an 18-year-old boy shoots a young woman dead in the middle of a busy Glasgow street and then commits suicide, McCoy knows it can’t be a random act of violence. With a newbie partner in tow, McCoy uses his underworld network to build a picture of a secret society run by Glasgow’s wealthiest family, the Dunlops. Drugs, sex, incest; every nefarious predilection is catered to, at the expense of the lower echelon of society, an underclass that includes McCoy’s best friend from reformatory school – drug-Tsar Stevie Cooper – and his on-off girlfriend, a prostitute, Janey. But with McCoy’s boss calling off the hounds, and his boss’ boss unleashing their own, the Dunlops are apparently untouchable. McCoy has other ideas.

Queste voci mi battono viva
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Livres modernes

McDaniel, Tiffany

Queste voci mi battono viva / Tiffany McDaniel ; traduzione di Simone Caltabellota ; con disegni di Tiffany McDaniel

Roma : Atlantide, copyr. 2018

I libri di Atlantide ; 28

Résumé: Prima raccolta di poesie di Tiffany McDaniel, Queste voci mi battono viva è strettamente collegato per temi, personaggi e intensità al romanzo Il caos da cui veniamo ed è un libro potente e profondamente conturbante, opera di una scrittrice davvero unica nel panorama internazionale. Il testo si mostra di un’originalità unica, presenta a fronte le parole dell’autrice e i suoi disegni.

The invisible mile
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Livres modernes

Coventry, David

The invisible mile / David Coventry

New York : Europa, 2020

Résumé: A re-imagining of a true story, The Invisible Mile is a novel about the capacity of the human mind and body when stretched to their absolute limits, written in prose that calls to mind the works of Marilynne Robinson and John Banville, as well as Colson Whitehead’s National Book Award-winning novel The Underground Railroad. In 1928, the Ravat-Wonder cycling team became the first English-speaking peloton to compete in the Tour de France. The riders, from faraway New Zealand and Australia, were treated as exotics and isolated from their surroundings by a thick barrier of language and culture. Underfinanced and undertrained, the team faced one of the toughest routes in the race’s history, 5,476 kilometers over unsealed roads through a landscape heavy with the legacy of the Great War. 162 cyclists began the race that year, only 42 finished. A deeply introspective and spiritual book, The Invisible Mile is narrated by a fictional rider from the Ravat-Wonder team. Speaking no French and knowing a scant few of his fellow riders, his race becomes a confrontation with memories of the Great War and a quest to understand his own place amongst its history. He rides on the alternating highs of cocaine and opium, pain and pleasure, victory and defeat. And as he nears the northern battlefields and his last, invisible mile, trauma, exertion, and his personal demons take over. The Invisible Mile is the story of one man’s struggle for survival in the face of physical and psychological hardship, a profoundly human story about guilt and redemption.

Don't let go
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Livres modernes

Bussi, Michel

Don't let go / Michel Bussi ; translated from the French by Sam Taylor

New York : Europa, 2017

Résumé: From the bestselling author of After the Crash, “a novel so extraordinary it reminded me of reading Stieg Larsson for the first time.”—Sunday Times Holidaying in an idyllic resort on the island of Réunion, wealthy Parisians Martial and Liane Bellion are enjoying the perfect family moment with their six-year-old daughter. Turquoise skies, clear water, palm trees, a warm breeze. Then Liane Bellion disappears from her hotel room. The door to her room is open, the walls and sheets are spotted with blood. A hotel employee swears he saw Martial in the corridor at the time Liane went missing, and he becomes the number one suspect. But then Martial also disappears, along with his daughter. An all-out manhunt is declared across the island. Could Martial really have killed his wife? For fans of Gone Girl and The Fugitive, Bussi’s fast-paced, atmospheric thriller does not disappoint.

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Livres modernes

Bonini, Carlo - De Cataldo, Giancarlo

Suburra / Carlo Bonini & Giancarlo De Cataldo ; translated fron the Italian by Antony Shugaar

New York : Europa, 2017

World noir

Résumé: In Ostia, a depressed coastal settlement twenty miles from the powerful and corrupt city of Rome, a mighty local crime family, the Mafia, corrupt politicians, and new rabid criminal elements battle each other for a billion-dollar payoff. During the final days of Silvio Berlusconi's reign, a massive development proposal that will turn Ostia into a gambling paradise, a Las Vegas on the Mediterranean, is winding its way through the Italian legislature thanks to the sponsorship of politicians in the pay of crime syndicates with vested interests. In short, it's business as usual in the Italian capital. But a vicious gang of local thugs loyal to nobody but themselves is insisting on a bigger cut than agreed upon. They argue their case quite convincingly, but the Mafia and their political puppets aren't likely to back down without a fight. De Cataldo and Bonini have created a compelling, provocative portrait of contemporary Rome--a city prey to pitiless criminal factions and political opportunism. A fast-paced and atmospheric work of crime fiction, Suburra rivals the best novels by writers such as Denis Lehane, Richard Price, and George Pelecanos, and successful series like The Wire and The Night Of.

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Olivares, Gerardo

Abel [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] : il figlio del vento = The Way of the Eagle / regia: Gerardo Olivares

Austria, 2015

Résumé: L'aquilotto più forte è destinato a scacciare dal nido il fratello più debole: questo è solitamente ciò che accade quando due piccoli di aquila si trovano a condividere lo stesso nido. Spesso accade anche tra gli uomini che, a ferirli, siano proprio le persone più vicine. Lukas, infatti, soffre a causa della freddezza che il padre mostra nei suoi confronti successivamente alla dolorosa perdita della moglie, morta nel tentativo di salvare il piccolo Lukas da un incendio. Il bambino porta sulle sue giovani spalle il peso della morte della madre.

Steve McCurry
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Livres modernes

Steve McCurry : mountain men / a cura di Gabriele Accornero, Annalisa Cittera, Francesca Agnesod

Bard : Forte di Bard, copyr. 2017 (Aosta : Tipografia valdostana)

Grandi mostre

Shelter in place
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Livres modernes

Maksik, Alexander

Shelter in place / Alexander Maksik

New York : Europa, 2016

Résumé: Set in the Pacific Northwest in the jittery, jacked-up early 1990s, Shelter in Place, by one of America’s most thrillingly defiant contemporary authors, is a stylish literary novel about the hereditary nature of mental illness, the fleeting intensity of youth, the obligations of family, and the dramatic consequences of love. Joseph March, a twenty-one year-old working class kid from Seattle, is on top of the world. He has just graduated college and his future beckons, unencumbered, limitless, magnificent. Joe’s life implodes when he starts to suffer the symptoms of bipolar disorder, and, not long after, his mother kills a man she’s never met with a hammer. Joe moves to White Pine, Washington, where his mother is serving time and his father has set up house. He is followed by Tess Wolff, a fiercely independent woman with whom he has fallen in love. The lives of Joe, Tess, and Joe’s father fall into the slow rhythm of daily prison visits followed by beer and pizza at a local bar. Meanwhile, Anne-Marie March, Joe’s mother, is gradually becoming a local heroine—many see her crime as a furious, exasperated act of righteous rebellion. Tess, too, has fallen under her spell. Spurred on by Anne-Marie’s example, Tess enlists Joe in a secret, violent plan that will forever change their lives. Maksik sings of modern America’s battered soul and of the lacerating emotions that make us human. Magnetic and masterfully told, Shelter in Place is about the things in life we are willing to die for, and those we’re willing to kill for.

The luckiest girl in the world
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Livres modernes

Hutchinson, Andrea M.

The luckiest girl in the world / Andrea M. Hutchinson ; illustrated by Ivan Canu

Genoa : Black Cat, 2016

Reading & training.Web. Step two

Résumé: Lola è stanca di essere invisibile. Vorrebbe soltanto che la star del rugby della sua scuola, Matt, la invitasse al ballo, ma lui non sa nemmeno che esiste! Ma Lola ha un piano per diventare la ragazza più popolare della scuola: ma è davvero questo che rende una ragazza “la più fortunata del mondo”?

Attacco al potere 2 [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Najafi, Babak

Attacco al potere 2 [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = London has Fallen / regia: Babak Najafi

USA, 2016

Résumé: Il primo ministro inglese muore improvvisamente in circostanze misteriose. Il suo funerale cela un intricato piano per uccidere contemporaneamente i più potenti leader politici del pianeta, distruggere i luoghi simbolo di Londra e diffondere una terrificante visione del futuro. Solo tre persone possono riuscire a sventare il piano: il presidente degli Stati Uniti, il suo formidabile capo dei servizi segreti, Mike Banning, e un agente inglese del MI-6.

Licenza di uccidere [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Young, Terence

Licenza di uccidere [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = Dr. No / regia: Terence Young

Gran Bretagna, 1962

Résumé: L'agente del controspionaggio britannico James Bond viene inviato in missione in Giamaica ad indagare su alcune anomale onde di energia che interferiscono con il lancio dei missili spaziali americani. Bond combatte contro pericolosi assassini, donne fatali ed anche una tarantola velenosa. Avrà l'aiuto dell' agente della CIA Felix Leiter e della bella Honey Ryder. Scoprirà che il Dottor No possiede terribili strumenti tecnologici in grado di deviare la traiettoria dei missili spaziali, sottoponendo il genere umano al rischio di una terribile catastrofe…

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Livres modernes

Beowulf / adaptation and activities by Robert Hill ; illustrated by Anna and Elena Balbusso

Genoa : Black Cat, 2013

Reading & training. Step four B2.1

Résumé: The mighty warrior Beowulf offers to help the King of the Danes in a quest to kill the vicious monster Grendel and free his people from terror. After killing Grendel, Beowulf must also kill the monster’s mother before he can return to his homeland, where he eventually becomes king. But he is called for a new adventure, as a great dragon comes to destroy his kingdom. Will Beowulf’s efforts cost him his life this time?

Sette anni in Tibet [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Annaud, Jean-Jacques

Sette anni in Tibet [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = Seven years in Tibet / regia: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Gran Bretagna, 1998

Résumé: Nel 1939 il mondo é sull'orlo della guerra quando Heinrich Harrer, un arrogante e presuntuoso alpinista austriaco, durante una spedizione viene fatto prigioniero dai soldati inglesi e rinchiuso in un campo di concentramento in India. Heinrich riesce a fuggire dal campo e, dopo molte avventure, a raggiungere Lhasa, la capitale del Tibet, in un viaggio che lo trasforma profondamente. Qui conosce il giovane Dalai Lama con cui stringe un legame che durerà per molti anni.

Quattro bassotti per un danese [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Tokar, Norman

Quattro bassotti per un danese [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = The ugly dachshund / regia: Norman Tokar

USA, 1966

Résumé: Mentre la bella moglie bada ai suoi quattro bassotti, il marito accudisce amorevolmente il suo danese, assai bisognoso di cure perché, abituato a vivere con gli altri cani, crede di essere anch'egli un bassotto.

Great expectations
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Livres modernes

Dickens, Charles

Great expectations / Charles Dickens ; text adaptation and activities by Gina D. B. Clemen ; illustrated by Fabio Visintin

Genoa : Black Cat, copyr. 2012

Reading & training. Step five B2.2

Résumé: Pip è destinato a diventare il fabbro di un piccolo villaggio, ma il destino ha in serbo per lui una vita diversa. L’incontro con un galeotto e l’amicizia con una eccentrica vecchia signora e una bellissima ragazza cambieranno il corso degli eventi. Pip un giorno scopre un terribile segreto…

Un gelido inverno [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Granik, Debra

Un gelido inverno [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = Winter's bone / regia: Debra Granik

USA, 2010

Résumé: In una zona montuosa del Missouri, l'adolescente Ree tiene sulle proprie spalle l'intera gestione della famiglia. Da quando la madre si F ammalata e il padre F stato arrestato per produzione e spaccio di metanfetamine, Ree F l'unica che possa occuparsi dei due fratelli pi· piccoli, accudendoli. Un giorno, lo sceriffo bussa alla porta per annunciarle che il padre F uscito di prigione garantendo la loro proprieta come cauzione...