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× Date 2014
× Noms Mazali, Gustavo
× Langues ger
× Sujet Dinosauri - Libri per ragazzi
× Langues lat
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× Date 2019
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Older brother
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Guven, Mahir

Older brother / Mahir Guven ; translated from the French by Tina Kover

New York : Europa, 2019

Résumé: Older Brother is the poignant story of a Franco-Syrian family whose father and two sons try to integrate themselves into a society that doesn’t offer them many opportunities. The father, an atheist communist who moved from Syria to France for his studies and stayed for love, has worked for decades driving a taxi to support his family. The eldest son is a driver for an app-based car service, which comically puts him at odds with his father, whose very livelihood is threatened by this new generation of disruptors. The younger son, shy and serious, works as a nurse in a French hospital. Jaded by the regular rejections he encounters in French society, he decides to join a Muslim humanitarian organization to help wounded civilians in the war in Syria. But when he stops sending news home, the silence begins to eat away at his father and brother who wonder what his real motivations were. When younger brother returns home, he has changed. Guven alternates between an ironic take on contemporary society and the gravity of terrorist threats. He explores with equal poignancy the lives of “Uberized” workers and actors in the global jihad.

Attacco al potere [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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Fuqua, Antoine

Attacco al potere [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = Olympus Has Fallen / regia: Antoine Fuqua

USA, 2013

Résumé: Un gruppo di estremisti nord coreani da il via ad un audace agguato in pieno giorno alla Casa Bianca, oltrepassando l’edificio e prendendo in ostaggio il Presidente Benjamin Asher e il suo staff all'interno dell’impenetrabile bunker presidenziale sotterraneo. Il loro obiettivo è quello di mettere sotto scacco l’intera nazione degli Stati Uniti. L’unica speranza per evitare la catastrofe è Mike Banning , l'ex responsabile della sicurezza il quale, rimasto l’unico membro dei Servizi Segreti ancora vivo nell’edificio assediato, diventerà gli occhi e le orecchie del Portavoce della Casa Bianca Allan Trumbull e dei suoi consiglieri.