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Grammar reference classic
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Andreolli, Mariagiovanna - Linwood, Pamela

Grammar reference classic : from basics to upper intermediate (A1 to B2+) / Mariagiovanna Andreolli, Pamela Linwood

[Novara] : Petrini, 2012

Il ponte di Waterloo [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE]
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LeRoy, Mervyn

Il ponte di Waterloo [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = Waterloo bridge / regia: Mervyn LeRoy

Edizione restaurata

USA, 1940

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Résumé: A Londra durante la prima guerra mondiale una ballerina e un ufficiale s'incontrano e si amano. Lui parte per il fronte, vien dato per morto. Lei diventa una prostituta. Lui torna.

The silent touch of shadows
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Livres modernes

Courtenay, Christina

The silent touch of shadows / Christina Courtenay

Harpenden : Choc Lit, 2012

Résumé: What will it take to put the past to rest? Professional genealogist Melissa Grantham receives an invitation to visit her family's ancestral home, Ashleigh Manor. From the moment she arrives, life-like dreams and visions haunt her. The spiritual connection to a medieval young woman and her forbidden lover have her questioning her sanity, but Melissa is determined to solve the mystery. Jake Precy, owner of a nearby cottage, has disturbing dreams too, but it's not until he meets Melissa that they begin to make sense. He hires her to research his family's history, unaware their lives are already entwined. Is the mutual attraction real or the result of ghostly interference? A haunting love story set partly in the present and partly in fifteenth century Kent. Christina Courtenay won the 2012 Best Historical Romantic novel of the year award (RoNA) for her novel Highland Storms.

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McKendry, Gary

Killer Elite [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] / regia: Gary McKendry

USA ; Australia, 2011

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Résumé: Danny è un killer e, insieme al suo mentore e amico Hunter e ad un ristretto gruppo di fedelissimi, uccide su commissione. Ormai stanco della sua spietata professione di mercenario, Danny si ritira in luogo privato, lontano dalle brutalità commesse e alla ricerca di una serenità mai avuta precedentemente. Quando però scopre che Hunter è prigioniero del sultano dell'Oman, abbandona tutto per salvarlo. Il costo della vita dell'amico è molto alto. Per liberarlo, infatti, dovrà accettare un compito molto difficile: vendicare la morte dei figli del sultano, uccisi per mano di alcuni ex membri dei SAS (Servizi Aerei Speciali Britannici) durante la segreta Guerra dell'Oman. L'impresa si complica ulteriormente quando Danny scopre che i suoi bersagli sono protetti da una squadra clandestina di uomini spietati: i "Feather Men".

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Livres modernes

Kellerman, Jonathan

Victims / Jonathan Kellerman

New York : Ballantine books, 2012

Résumé: Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware returns in this ingenious and breathtakingly good psychological thriller. Not since Jack the Ripper has there been such a gruesome crime scene. One look at the victim's apartment turned charnel house is enough for Milo Sturgis to summon The Crime Reader. But even Alex Delaware's skills may be stymied when more slayings occur in the same ghastly fashion...with no apparent connection between them. The only clue left behind - a blank page bearing a question mark - seems to be both a menacing taunt and a cry for help from a killer baffled by his own lethal urges. This one will haunt The Crime Reader's waking life, and his darkest dreams, long after its end.

The face of deception
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Livres modernes

Johansen, Iris

The face of deception : a novel / Iris Johansen

New York : Bantam books, 2012

Résumé: THE FIRST EVE DUNCAN NOVEL An unidentified skull, a trail of shocking secrets, and a woman whose talented hands could reveal the terrifying truth--#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen blends these elements into a compelling novel of suspense, and introduces her most popular character ever: forensic sculptor Eve Duncan. After her beloved daughter vanishes, Eve Duncan survives by immersing herself in her work. The best in her elite field at rebuilding faces from fragments of skull bones, she helps to put a name to a face, to identify missing children. It is Eve's way of coming to terms with her personal nightmare. But more terror lies ahead when she accepts a job from billionaire John Logan. Beneath Eve's gifted hands, a face begins to emerge from the skull he has given her to reconstruct--a face that no one was ever meant to see. Now Eve is trapped in a web of murder and deceit as powerful enemies rush to cover up the truth, determined that their secrets go to the grave--even if Eve gets buried with them.