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× Date 2009
× Noms Gibellini, Pietro
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× Noms Bergman, Ingmar
× Sujet Genere: Storico
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× Date 2007
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Curran, John

Il velo dipinto [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = The painted veil / regia: John Curran

Cina ; USA, 2006

Résumé: Londra, 1922. Kitty è una ragazza vitale e disinibita, difficile da “ingabbiare”. Quando conosce Walter, un illustre batteriologo, decide di accettare la sua corte e di sposarlo per puro desiderio di evasione. Segue così il marito a Shanghai, dove, annoiata, intreccia una relazione amorosa con un affascinante diplomatico inglese. Quando il marito la scopre la costringe a seguirlo in un villaggio dell’interno, dove è scoppiata un’epidemia di colera. Kitty si troverà all’improvviso in una landa desolata e incomincerà a conoscere davvero l’uomo che ha sposato. Altri titoli:

Take someone like me
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Buxton, Jayne

Take someone like me / Jayne Buxton

London : Arrow, 2007

Résumé: Libby always thought her life was well-ordered, charmed even: three gorgeous daughters, a husband who adores her, friends to see her through thick and thin. But lately, with one daughter in a constant fit of teenage sulks, a ten-year-old questioning everything in the universe and beyond, and a husband who seems to see her mainly as the manager of school runs, ironed shirts and a well-stocked fridge, motherhood is showing some of its distinctly uglier sides. But Libby soldiers on, taking her youngest to an environmental group to find answers to all those pesky universe questions, navigating egg-shells to confront her oldest about that tell-tale silver-foil packet of 21 tiny pills and cramming in some time for rekindling the spark in her marriage after the eight o'clock news. Until one day, she's had enough. She used to have more to talk about than the PTA and the price of apples at the supermarket; she used to have something to drive her life, a purpose behind things. And she wants that back - or at least some of it. So when she meets Daniel, attractive, passionate and engagingly spontaneous, she knows the turning point has come. But as domestic disaster and emotional calamity descend on the Blake household, Libby soon realizes that it's not simply a matter of starting all over again...