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Livres modernes

Stoker, Bram

Dracula / Bram Stoker

London : Harper Press, 2011

Collins classics

Résumé: Earnest and naive solicitor Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to organise the estate of the infamous Count Dracula at his crumbling castle in the ominous Carpathian Mountains. Through notes and diary entries, Harker keeps track of the horrors and terrors that beset him at the castle, telling his fiancé Mina of the Count’s supernatural powers and his own imprisonment. Although Harker eventually manages to escape and reunite with Mina, his experiences have led to a mental breakdown of sorts. Meanwhile in England, Mina’s friend Lucy has been bitten and begins to turn into a vampire. With the help of Professor Van Helsing, a previous suitor of Lucy’s, Seward, and Lucy’s fiancé Holmwood attempt to thwart Count Dracula and his attempts on Lucy and consequently Mina’s life. Arguably the most enduring Gothic novel of the 19th Century, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is as chilling today in its depiction of the vampire world and its exploration of Victorian values as it was at its time of publication.

Chicino e Cicotta
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Livres modernes

Piumini, Roberto

Chicino e Cicotta / Roberto Piumini ; illustrazioni di Francesco Altan

Trieste : Emme, stampa 2011

Prime letture ; 5

Résumé: Può essere definita una fiaba comico-teatrale: un giovanotto con galletto, una principessa schizzinosa e altera con gallina, se ne vanno per il mondo: in mezzo a loro una pertica per mantenere le distanze, e dare appoggio a romantici incontri tra i due polli che si amano con semplicità. Nel corso degli eventi la pertica è destinata ad accorciarsi, le distanze a ridursi fino ad una finale, dolce composizione. Età di lettura: da 5 anni.