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Dmytryk, Edward

I perseguitati [VIDEOREGISTRAZIONE] = The Juggler / regia: Edward Dmytryk

USA, 1953

Résumé: Da un romanzo di Michael Blankfort che l'ha sceneggiato. Un ex illusionista ebreo, sconvolto dalla morte della moglie e dei figli in campo di concentramento, arriva in Israele e si mette nei guai aggredendo un poliziotto che aveva scambiato per un nazista. Lo aiuta a ritrovare l'equilibrio una giovane vedova.

The night of the panthers
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Livres modernes

Pulixi, Piergiorgio

The night of the panthers / Piergiorgio Pulixi ; translated from the Italian by Carol Perkins

New York : Europa, 2015

World noir

Résumé: Inspector Biagio Mazzeo is the head of a special unit composed cops who have been trained in the investigation of organized crime. He is a kind of father figure to these hard men and he often leads them well beyond the confines of what is legal. But now they’ve been found out. In order to save his men from being smeared in a corruption scandal, Mazzeo sacrifices himself and is tried and sentenced to jail time. His sacrifice, however, isn’t enough to get his men out of trouble. His unit has stolen a shipment of drugs and its owners want it back. This time, Mazzeo’s boys have messed around with the wrong drug cartel, for these are no ordinary criminals, this is the ‘Ndrangheta, the infamous Calabrian mafia that is known to stop at nothing to get what’s theirs. From behind bars Mazzeo has only one way of helping his men: making a deal with a young female police officer who promises he will be released and all charges will be dropped if Mazzeo embarks on a suicide mission to put an end to an underworld war. In a gripping crescendo of violence, vendettas and corruption, Biagio Mazzeo has to choose sides because this time it’s not just his badge that is one the line, but his life. The Night of the Panthers Piergiorgio Pulixi’s US debute and an action filled police drama that will have readers’ pulses racing.

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Livres modernes

Wright, Tom, 1953-

Blackbird / Tom Wright

New York : Europa, 2015

World noir

Résumé: In a small town in the Ark-LATex region, Detective Jim Beaudry Bonham has been assigned a new case: a woman has been brutally attacked and nailed to a cross on the outskirts of town the day after a devastating storm hits. Bonham recognizes her immediately as Dr. Deborah Gold, one of the town’s most well known psychologists. Knowing how many secrets Dr. Gold took to her grave, Bonham’s list of suspects grows by the minute—as well as the questions that help explain just how and why such a gruesome murder was committed. With the help of complex, fully realized characters (the town itself being one of them), Blackbird is not only an intelligent crime novel, but also an in-depth exploration of small-town life and how it is affected by extreme violence and savagery. Wright’s comprehensive description of the setting and characters beautifully juxtaposes the unknowns surrounding the murder, making Blackbird a refreshing and welcome addition to the crime canon.