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× Pays de
× Date 2003
× Noms Bruno, Rosa Tiziana
× Sujet Genere: Sentimentale
× Langues hin
× Sujet Genere: Storico
× Langues ita
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× Sujet Genere: Noir

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Death's dark abyss
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Carlotto, Massimo

Death's dark abyss / Massimo Carlotto ; translated from the italian by Lawrence Venuti

New York : Europa editions, 2006

Résumé: A riveting drama of guilt, revenge, and justice, Massimo Carlotto’s Death’s Dark Abyss tells the story of two men and the savage crime that binds them. During a robbery, Raffaello Beggiato takes a young woman and her child hostage and later murders them. Beggiato is arrested, tried, and sentenced to life. The victims’ father and husband, Silvano, plunges into an ever-deepening abyss until the day, years later, when the murderer seeks his pardon and Silvano turns predator as he ruthlessly plots his revenge.