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Rumble Tumble
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Lansdale, Joe R.

Rumble Tumble : a Hap and Leonard novel / Joe R. Lansdale

New York : Vintage books, 2009

Vintage crime/Black lizard

Résumé: Hap Collins and Leonard Pine are in for an action-packed adventure when they cross paths with a towering Pentecostal preacher, a midget with a giant attitude, and a gang of bikers turned soldiers of fortune. Even though a midlife crisis just hit Hap Collins like a runaway pickup truck, he’s still got his job, he knows his best friend, Leonard Pine, will always be there for him, and of course he’s got his main squeeze, Brett Sawyer. Things hit a new low, however, when Brett’s daughter, Tillie, who has been walking on the wrong side of the law suddenly stands in need of a rescue. It’s won’t be easy—it never is—but nothing is going to stop Hap and Leonard as they hit the road destined for Hootie Hoot, Oklahoma to shake things up. And with Hap and Leonard at the wheel this promises to be a wild ride.