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Adding & subtracting
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Hore, Rosie - Dickins, Rosie

Adding & subtracting / written by Rosie Hore & Rosie Dickins ; illustrated by Benedetta Giufret & Enrica Rusinà

London : Usborne, 2018


Résumé: Learn how to solve all kinds of adding and subtracting puzzles with this entertaining book, lifting over 150 flaps to reveal the answers along the way. Topics include number bonds, money puzzles, number lines and fact families. There's even a monster board game at the back of the book, where children can put their new knowledge into practice.

Frazioni e decimali
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Livres modernes

Dickins, Rosie - Rusinà, Enrica - Giaufret, Benedetta

Frazioni e decimali / testo di Rosie Dickins ; illustrazioni di Benedetta Giaufret e Enrica Rusinà

Londra : Usborne, copyr. 2016

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