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The tobacconist
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Seethaler, Robert

The tobacconist / Robert Seethaler

London : Picador, 2016

Résumé: Come si trova il proprio posto nel mondo? Franz, diciassette anni, non ne ha la più pallida idea quando viene catapultato dall'adorata campagna, in cui è nato e cresciuto, When seventeen-year-old Franz exchanges his home in the idyllic beauty of the Austrian lake district for the bustle of Vienna, his homesickness quickly dissolves amidst the thrum of the city. In his role as apprentice to the elderly tobacconist Otto Trsnyek, he will soon be supplying the great and good of Vienna with their newspapers and cigarettes. Among the regulars is a Professor Freud, whose predilection for cigars and occasional willingness to dispense romantic advice will forge a bond between him and young Franz. It is 1937. In a matter of months Germany will annex Austria and the storm that has been threatening to engulf the little tobacconist will descend, leaving the lives of Franz, Otto and Professor Freud irredeemably changed.