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Campion, Thomas


Titre et contributions: Lute songs [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / Campion ; Steven Rickards, countertenor ; Dorothy Linell, lute

Publication: Naxos, copyr. 2019

Description physique: 1 CD : stereo DDD ; 12 cm


Langue: eng (Langue du texte, du film, etc.)

Notes de contenu:
  • Come let us sound with melody ; Tune thy Musicke to thy hart ; Come you pretty false-ey'd wanton ; There is none, O none but you ; Sweet exclude mee not ; I care not for these Ladies ; Though you are yoong and I am olde ; Fire, fire, fire, fire! ; Wath then is love but mourning? ; Shall I come, sweet love, to thee? ; Beauty, since you so much desire ; What is it all that men possesse? ; The Sypres curten of the night ; Jacke and Jone they think no ill ; It fell on a sommers daie ; When to her lute Corrina sings ; My sweetest Lesbia ; Her rosie cheekes, her ever smiling eyes ; Faire, if you expect admiring ; There is a Garden in her face ; Author of light ; Never weather-beaten Saile ; Most sweet and pleasing are thy wayes ; To musicke bent is my retyred minde ; Thou joy'st, fond boy ; Turne all thy thoughts to eyes ; Vaile, love mine eyes ; Miserere my Maker
  • In cofanetto


Classes: S 3.00 S 3.04

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