Too old to die young [DOCUMENTO SONORO]
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Martinez, Cliff

Too old to die young [DOCUMENTO SONORO]

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Titre et contributions: Too old to die young [DOCUMENTO SONORO] / music by Cliff Martinez

Publication: Milan, p 2019

Description physique: 1 CD : stereo ; 12 cm


Langue: eng (Langue du texte, du film, etc.)

Notes de contenu:
  • CD 1: Naked Guy Murder ; Starlight Cantina ; No Smoking Allowed Here ; Larry Was a Family Man ; Why Does Damian Have a Problem with You ; Kill Me Fast and Clean ; I Hereby Give You Yaritza ; Mothers Favorite Skirt ; Get Some Ice Cream ; Jesus and the Snake ; High Priestess of Death
  • CD 2: I'm Hunting ; I Got Time ; Viggo and Diana ; Some Complications ; Walking to the Girl in the Ground ; I Can't Dig Her Out ; I'm Not Going to Hurt You ; Death By Golf Club ; Summassault (Julian Winding) ; Oh La La (Goldfrapp) ; F.F.A. (The Leather Nun) ; I Put The Blue In Her Eyes (Frankie Miller) ; Elvis and Marilyn (Jimmy Angel & The Jason Gutierrez 3) ; La Alta Sacerdota de la Muerto (Carolina Hoyos)



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